Say it ain’t so: Sza says she’ll no longer do media interviews

Sza is about to go ghost on us and she’s Over it like Summer Walker. The singer recently took to Twitter, announcing that she will no longer partake in interviews.

“Not doing any videos interviews or photos for the rest of my life,” she tweeted.

Her announcement followed her joint Rolling Stone cover with female rapper Megan the Stallion and singer Normani. She followed up with a tweet making it clear that her decision had nothing to do with Megan and Normani.

She also made it clear, that her anxiety has nothing to do with her decision as she could care less, but it’s more about her “own thoughts”.

Meanwhile, Sza posted announced on Twitter that she would be releasing new music this year. She, however, said she won’t give a release date because she doesn’t want to deal with the pressure that comes with doing so.

Over the past months, several celebrities have quit social media and the media in general. Even though each celebrity had specific reasons for leaving the media, the numbers are increasing rapidly. So, as fans, we need to remember that celebrities are just like us and sometimes they need time to recharge.