Schoolkids flock Beenie Man: Deejay shocked by response

Dancehall artiste Beenie Man was shocked by the response he received recently when he visited his nephew’s school to ‘bless him up’ on his birthday.

When the entertainer went to the institution, he was flocked by students.

Beenie Man took to Instagram to share the incident with his followers.

“When yuh think yuh coulda sneak inna yuh little 8-year-old nephew school just to bless him up pon him birthday,” was the caption attached to the video that was recorded while at the school.  

An overjoyed Beenie Man also added: “Before I entered the school, I was thinking them pickney ya nuh know mi! But that change in a split second. The love the youths them showed me, not even being in front of 50,000 adult fans moved me like this. It’s a joy and a blessing to still be able to touch a child.”

While at the school, a humbled Beenie Man signed his autograph for his little fans, and he also gave them words of encouragement.

Fans and industry players also shared in his joy. “How dem a gwaan like 90s artistes no relevant to this generation. Bless up the king,” one social media user said. Media personality Nikki Z also commented, saying: “Bet administrators tell you nuh come back.”

Written by Shania Hanchard