Scorn dem! Spice says Graci Noir line is selling out!

Dancehall artiste Spice is a happy designer as several pieces from her Graci Noir are officially sold out.

Dancehall artiste Spice wearing Graci Noir for a promotional shoot.

The artiste made the announcement on her Instagram page earlier today just a month after the line’s launch. She said the line would be restocked with the unavailable items –including tracksuits, bodysuits and matching sets – soon and encouraged fans to cop what’s left of the line “before it’s too late”.

Spice, a perennial entrepreneur, said “online is now the new lifestyle, and it’s easier to reach my fans across the world” ahead of Graci Noir’s launch.

The venture was not without controversy as Spice put one user on blast who said her mother ordered an item from the clothing line and it was “trash”. Spice clapped back, saying she hadn’t even shipped the first order yet and people were already hating on her.