Scrups-scrups! I-Octane showcases hand-washing skills

It’s often been said that you’re not good at hand-washing unless you’re able to achieve the “scrups-scrups” sound effect.

Not only does singjay I-Octane pass this informal hand-washing criteria, he says any woman who is interested in him must be able to do the same.

“Ladies, yuh waan know weh inna mi bank account?” he asked. “Mek sure seh yuh hand can go suh. Hear that? Scrups-scrups.”

The Top Boy artist was up early on Tuesday morning with a blue wash pan and pack of lemon Sud Sud laundry detergent to hand wash three articles of clothing.

Like a true “yard” man, I-Octane was shirtless in his backyard as he showcased his domestic skills in the Instagram video.

“Some a unno wukless bwoy a look people gyal pickney and cya even do this,” he demonstrated.

When it was time to rinse, he lifted the bucket and threw the water to a different section of his yard before heading to a standpipe to refill the basin.

For those who are perhaps wondering why he opted to hand wash:

“Yuh think mi a eediat? So mi fi just put dem three likkle ting yah inna washing machine mek water commission kill mi and JPS seh, ‘Oh r**s, him turn on him washing machine. Double him bill…”

Though he’s been calling himself the “Slim Ras” over the past year, he made it known that he still retains practices he lived by before the new physique and mansion on the hill.

“Some boy a suffer from dem born and a live dem life and all of a sudden dem start get likkle money. Riches nuh change me.”

Fans found the activity relatable and commended the artist.

“Humility to the max,” one person wrote.

“Man must can wash and cook. Real man.”

Another added, “You are always so real which is one thing I admire.”