Sean Paul and Jodi already thinking about baby number 3?

Levi smiles at his recent birthday party, as he shares lens with dad Sean Paul, mom Jodi and sister Remi. (Photo: @jodijinx)

Although their daughter, Remi Leigh Henriques, is only six months old, dancehall superstar Sean Paul and his wife, Jodi, might already be planning for a third baby.

This was revealed by Sean during an interview with Access Hollywood about how his life has changed since becoming a dad.

And although fatherhood can get hectic, the entertainer said baby number three is quite possible, especially since the arrival of Remi last year.

“Less sleep. You have to balance a lot.”

— Sean Paul

“We were blessed with Remi, and it was so good, and then she [Jodi] was like maybe one more,” he said.  

The couple also has a three-year-old son, Levi Blaze Henriques.

Demanding job

While fatherhood is demanding, Sean is enjoying it and trying his best to play his part.

“Less sleep. You have to balance a lot. I still go to the studio frequently. I’m producing now and kinda mentoring and that takes a lot,” The Grammy award-winning artiste shared.

“At home, it’s demanding for my wife especially, so I try to be there for her and be there for the kids,” he added, noting that it is an anxious process when he leaves for overseas gigs.

Sean Paul says he gets anxious when he has to leave Jamaica for overseas gigs.

Meanwhile, Sean, who is currently on a promotional tour for his new track, Calling on Me, featuring Swedish pop star Tove Lo, shared that the song reminded him of his now-deceased father.

“These words started coming to me… ‘true love never fails, love never falls, real love conquers all’. The lyrics in there were like actually my family talking to me, myself also… ‘I’ll be there to give you what you need, I’ll support your causes selflessly.’ That’s my mom and my brother and my wife kinda being there for me,” he said.