Sean Paul calls out Grammys for treatment of reggae music

Sean Paul has joined the growing list of artistes who has a problem with the Grammys.

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In a recent interview on Live N Livin on Fox Soul, the Grammy-winning artiste said he doesn’t believe reggae music gets any prominence on the awards show.

“We win a Grammy every year and we never get our accolades, our ‘thank you speech’ is never broadcasted which is something that I think is very important for the genre,” he said. “You hear earlier in the night, so and so won the reggae Grammy.”

Sean Paul also wants artistes who sample dancehall music to give credit where credit is due.

“We’re a very powerful music at this timeI just think that if you’re going to do our music without saying in the interview, “I owe a lot to Jamaica and people who do this in the dancehall world if you don’t say that enough to me, It feels like…supposed I went to do Willy Nelson’s music and said it was mine with a new flavour? Then people who are young right they’d kind be like ‘oh well, he’s innovative, he’s different,” he said.