Sean Paul Foundation, Food For The Poor deliver food to 120 families

Sean Paul, through his foundation, provided food and care packages to 120 families in Spring Pass, Yallahs, St Thomas.

Dancehall artiste Sean Paul’s foundation partnered with Food For The Poor to deliver food and care packages to 120 families in St Thomas, Jamaica.
(Photo: Shorn Hector)

The Foundation made the donation in partnership with Food For The Poor, delivering packages valued at US$50 each family on July 3.

Sean Paul’s agent, Jerome Hamilton, said “In talking to the Food For the Poor, we were trying to decide where we can make the most impact. We know that there can be areas that are over-served by assistance, and in such a situation there are many who will not receive assistance. Through working with FFP, we decided to come to Spring Pass in St Thomas.”

One Spring Pass resident, Sofia Barrister, expressed her gratitude for the care packages. “During this COVID time, things are very rough, no work, bills still to pay, but we are giving God thanks and asking for Him to bless you tremendously. For you [Sean Paul Foundation] to think about us and give back we are very grateful.”