Sean Paul joins the ‘Temperature’ challenge

International artist Sean Paul has joined the viral TikTok Temperature challenge.

The dancehall superstar, who has been having fun with social media lately, added a humorous yet creative twist to the challenge which has been making the rounds since last year.

“Mek me show u how 2 do dis #temperaturechallenge ting!” he captioned the video.

Sean Paul is captured going about his usual day when he coincidentally sees dancers Sara Bendii and Shereda Versatile pop up at his every move.

He’s first seen chilling and rolling up a spliff when the dancers ‘flairy’ and ‘bunny hop’ by, then he runs into them as he walks through a parking lot. They appear again as he makes his way to his studio, and they magically pop up as he sings Temperature in a private session.

The session pauses as he digests the bizarre coincidences, but he soon gives in to the randomness and resumes deejaying the hit song.

The original TikTok challenge sees at least two people featured in the video: one holding a makeshift microphone and pretending to be Sean Paul while the other does goofy dance moves in the background.

Other renditions of the challenge include people dancing to the song or checking their temperature, an indication of the unique times presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Temperature was released 15 years ago and catapulted Paul into whirlwind stardom. The root of its success was a mixture of the Rohan ‘Snowcone’ Fuller-produced beat, the global fascination with Paul’s accent and his use of Jamaican creole, and tropical vibes and visuals.

Temperature peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, kicking Neyo’s So Sick from the top spot. The record stayed on the chart for 31 weeks.