Sean Paul says he doesn’t like the name ‘Verzuz’

Dancehall artiste Sean Paul

If you’re hoping to see Sean Paul compete in a Verzuz battle, just forget it because it’s never going to happen.

Sean Paul has repeatedly stated that he is not a fan of the platform, in fact, just the name ‘Verzuz’ is triggering.

“I’m not up for Verzuz, I personally just don’t like the platform, I don’t like the name Verzuz. People say is not a clash and I get that but it reminds me of a clash and I’m not up into the clashing ting at all,” he told BBC1XTra’s radio host, Seani B recently.

“I live in a violent society in Jamaica right now and the clash ting is to me something that is … I don’t want to say it’s causing the violence in society but everybody is becoming complacent so my stance is to fight against that in general,” he added.

Sean Paul shared that he has personally experienced the effects of violence and knows the impact that the dancehall clash culture has on it. And although Verzuz is something was different, in his mind it’s still an extension of the clash culture.

“Being somebody who has buried my own friends because of violence, my own brothers because of a violent situation. I don’t even get the time to mourn you know. I go back into studios and hear the same lyrics, I go into the dance and I hear the same lyrics, it reminds me exactly of what happened to my bredrin, 9 shots! And I’ve had not just one person but many … this is my family here,” he said.