Sean Paul’s foundation gets busy, helps to bridge digital divide with tablet donation

Recognizing the havoc wreaked on Jamaica’s educational system due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, the Sean Paul Foundation has committed itself to placing tablets in the hands of students who need it the most.

According to Sean Paul, his foundation, which has already donated approximately 100 tablets to 14 schools across the Corporate area and St Catherine, plans to make 100 more tablets available to students in need of the technology.

“So the tablets, I’ve given out 100 already, we have a next 100 giving out, so that is going to be 200 in the long run,” said Sean Paul in a video posted on his Instagram feed.

“I think that education is very important and that the kids will make very great use of it,” he added.

According to the entertainer, he believes the tablets will help to assist the educational system, making references to the significant learning loss reported late last year partly attributed to the fact that many marginalized students did not have the requisite devices.

“200 tablets just to kind of help with the heavy load that the educational system is having right now,” added Sean Paul.

The Sean Paul Foundation has also been distributing food and healthcare packages.

Most recently on Sunday (April 25) Sean Paul’s wife, Jodi Jinx, shared that she was out an about with the foundation distributing packages to over 100 students at the Port Henderson Primary School in St Catherine.

“You’ve always heard me say and I stand behind, If you can give you should,” said Henriques in an Instagram post.

“In this pandemic it’s been extremely hard on a lot of families so let’s take some time to help our brothers and sisters and be conscious of those in need, “ she added .