Sean Paul’s wife, Jodi, called ‘domestic engineer’, raising eyebrows online

If you woke up to the term ‘domestic engineer’ trending on Twitter, you’re probably wondering why?

Jodi ‘Jinx’ Henriques

It’s the title that was used to describe the wife of veteran dancehall entertainer Sean Paul, in a local news publication.

Jodi ‘Jinx’ Henriques, 38, was described as a “domestic engineer and costume designer” in a Valentine’s Day article in which she outlined the most important characteristic that a romantic partner should have.

However, most readers didn’t get past her designation to even see Henriques’ thoughts on love with the term going on to trend on Twitter, with most asking ‘what is a domestic engineer?’ while others squabbled over whether the title was appropriate.

Jinx and Sean Paul with their children Levi and Remi.

While domestic engineer is not a term per se it is used in colloquial language and, according to Urban Dictionary, is an alternative to housewife or stay-at-home mom.

In local Jamaican parlance, domestic engineer can be used as a jazzy term for housekeeper or hired help.

The term’s use in the article left many trying to decipher the intended meaning, with some arguing that while appropriate, given local peculiarities, another term should have been chosen.

“Always found it interesting how the role of a “domestic engineer” tends to fall to a wife… but the description of the tasks are 100% those typical of a hired helper. Maybe “interesting” is the wrong word,” said one Twitter user.

“WTF is a DOMESTIC ENGINEER? True she white unu fraid fi call har housewife,” questioned one Twitter user.

“Domestic engineer nuh juss a nice phrase fi helper?,” questioned another.

But others used the occasion to make light of the situation.

“Good evening Jamaica. My name is Melissa Chong Sang and in the future, God’s willing, I will become a Domestic Engineer. Thank you,” said one Twitter user.

“You get Domestic engineer qualifications from Home Management,” added another.