See ‘sexiest man alive’, Michael B. Jordan, on OnlyFans

Actor Michael B. Jordan was recently named the sexiest man alive by People magazine.

Michael B. Jordan was recently named the ‘sexiest man alive’ by PEOPLE magazine so the natural follow-up is his OnlyFans announcement.

Jordan made the announcement while speaking  with host Jimmy Kimmel on his nightly talk show.

The 33-year-old said he would be joining the paid-content platform as he spoke about his growing mustache which he has nicknamed ‘Murph’.

He noted that the pandemic has allowed him an opportunity to literally let his hair down.

“I never had time to actually sit in one place and grow my facial hair where I didn’t have to get it groomed, or manicured, or anything like that,” explained Jordan

“So, during quarantine, I just wanted to see how much hair I could actually grow,” he added.

Host Jimmy Kimmel joked that Jordan could rake in a small fortune on OnlyFans just by flossing his beard.

According to Jordan, the proceeds from his OnlyFans would be dedicated to assisting the community noting that he wanted the money to go towards  assisting a barber school.