Serving the people and looks: Jamaica’s hottest politicians

Member of parliament, Lisa Hanna

Normally when we think of the people in representational politics, we imagine grumpy potbellied old men or frumpy matronly females with ‘church lady’ ankles who either love to hear themselves speak or fall asleep during budget presentation.

None of that sounds impressive or attractive to say the least. But, over the past decade or so, some of the old guard have been replaced by a more hip set of politicians who are not only capable but also radiate some major swag.

The list generated below has absolutely nothing to do with their political acumen, ability to govern or give public speeches. Nope, we are not going that deep and we do not wish to offend their spouses in any way.

We are merely assessing how they put themselves together to formulate an overall appealing package. Listed in no particular order, these people make a statement whenever they step out, whether formally or socially, and breathe much-needed life into Jamaica’s political sphere.

See if you agree with who made the cut:

Peter Bunting: He may not be the ‘Peter in charge’ but he certainly is in charge of ladies’ conversation as many want to rub on that bald dome of his.

Peter Bunting

Lisa Hanna: It would not be a list without the eternal beauty that is Lisa ‘Miss World’ Hanna. As a former beauty queen, she is flawlessly fashionable and fiercely fit. Like her or not, home girl is a bonafide head-turner.

Christopher Tufton: We all saw the pic, our Health minister is looking ‘GOODT’ these days, and everyone loves a man who tries to take care of himself.

Minister of Health and Wellness Dr Christopher Tufton

Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn: She’s no longer burning up the track but we imagine trekking the hills of West Rural St Andrew has helped to keep this mother and Member of Parliament fit as a fiddle.

Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn, OLY (@julietcuthbert) | Twitter
Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn:

Alando Terrelonge: The State Minister for Education has his faithful fans who love to see him step out in a well-fitted suit or show off his abs in a casual beach pic.

State Minister for Education Alando Terrelonge

Krystal Tomlinson: Whether working out or making the daily trod through West Rural St Andrew, she’s always stylishly on point.

Aspiring Member of Parliament Krystal Tomlinson

Kamina Johnson-Smith: Locally and abroad, our Foreign Affairs minister dazzles every time she steps into the video light.

Ann-Marie Vaz: The woman Jamaicans fondly call “Action Ann” has certainly found the secret to looking youthful as she radiates positively radiates.