Seven cool Mac Keyboard shortcuts

We already dealt with Windows Keyboard shortcuts. And now it’s time to look at what the Mac has to offer. As said before, keyboard shortcuts can speed up your workflow. It’s always an asset to know what buttons to push to save time. Here are a few you can try on your Mac. 

Macbook Air

Raise the volume and brightness in smaller increments

You can fine-tune the volume and screen brightness on your Mac by pressing a few keys. Instead of jumping a whole notch on the on-screen slider, you’ll increase or decrease volume or brightness in smaller steps.

You can raise your volume in smaller steps. Image: How to Geek

Press Option + Shift+ Brightness Up/Down or Option + Shift + Volume Up/Down make tiny adjustments to your display brightness or system volume.

Take a screenshot

You may occasionally want to grab a screenshot while using your computer. To do this, press Shift + Command + 3.

Snap a screenshot on your Mac with these keyboard combos. Image: Apple.

If you only want a screenshot of a part of your screen, then Shift + Command + 4 is the right key combo. When capturing a portion of your screen, you’ll need to drag a crosshair over your selection.  

Launch Spotlight

Anyone who owns a Mac, iPhone or iPad should know about Spotlight search. It is hands down one of the best search functions on any device. You can find anything stored on your system.

You can use Spotlight to search for flights. Image: Apple.

It can also convert units of measurement, do calculations and define words. To launch Spotlight, press Command + Space bar and the all-knowing search bar will appear.

Force Quit Apps

Sometimes apps freeze or don’t work properly. Windows has the versatile Task Manager to get rid of misbehaving app processes. But don’t worry, your Mac can force close apps too.

Be gone vile app. Image: Apple.

To do this press Option + Command + Esc. A window will appear with running apps. Select the miscreant, and it will vanish.

Use emoji and symbols on the screen

Macs can join the fun too. Image: Apple.

You don’t need an iPad or iPhone to put emojis in documents or messages. Your Mac can do it too. By pressing Control + Command + Space bar, you can let your recipient know how you really feel. 😎

Log out/Lock Screen

You may need to step away from your machine or quickly hide whatever you were viewing. To lock your screen press Control + Command + Q. If you want to log out, the key combination is Shift + Command + Q.

You’ll have to confirm the latter. If you want to log out without confirmation, then press Option + Shift + Command + Q.

Force Restart

And then there are days when your computer decides to run as slow as molasses. You may need to reboot. To force a Mac reboot without any pesky “but you didn’t save this” notifications, press Control + Command + Power button. Hopefully, your computer runs faster when it restarts.

The list above isn’t exhaustive. There are several other keyboard shortcuts on the Mac. The ones above should help speed things up while you work and play from home.