Seventh heaven in Audi Q7

The combination of speed and comfort makes the Audi Q7 glide over rough roads without disturbing its occupants.

If anyone has wondered what it would be like to travel first class in their own private jet, then there’s the 2021 Audi Q7. The seven-seat sport utility vehicle provides executive-level comfort while speeding effortlessly to its destination.

It can do this because of its combination of an amazing 340bhp 3-litre turbocharged V6 motor and air suspension. The engine leads the way, providing not just smooth operation at any rpm, but when in Dynamic mode or deep into the throttle it responds with a locomotive like pull, gathering speed faster than one can comprehend, helped by the vehicle’s 48-volt mild hybrid system.

The standard eight-speed automatic transmission and Quattro all-wheel drive work in tandem with the meaty power figures to make sure its always in the correct gear the driver wants and that there is traction at all four wheels regardless of surface.

Speaking of surface, one would think a seven-seat SUV would be sloppy in the corners due to its weight, however, the standard air suspension offers the Q7 brilliant ride quality on its 20-inch rims no matter what’s thrown at it. Impacts are barely felt, much less heard and never cause the Q7 to deviate from its given line. The real magic is the fact that it’s not passive.

Depending on which of the Audi Drive Select modes is chosen the Q7 can raise or lower itself. For convenience, the rear can drop even further to allow loading of cargo into the sizeable trunk. At speed and in Dynamic mode the full-sized SUV hunkers down for its best impression of a sports car, staying table flat through even the tightest of turns. Inside, occupants, other than the driver, have little knowledge of road conditions.

There are few better ways to travel in luxury than the 2021 Audi Q7 55 TSI S line.

The cabin refinement is high due to the fact that noise intrusion is low. The interior is jet-like, sealing passengers into a comfortable cocoon, leaving them unaware of external happenings. What noise makes it in is barely perceptible at any velocity the Q7 can achieve. Not that it would matter as cabin design and quality are high enough to hold anyone’s attention.

From the animated LED lights front and rear, to the lit door handles, to Audi’s four-ringed logo illuminating the path to the soft close doors, the Q7 doesn’t just feel first class, it is. Luxury is paramount in the first and second rows, not that the electronically operated third row passengers suffer much, but that’s best left for young children.

The second row has three individual sliding seats that also recline. The two rear rows can be lowered flat for various configurations of cargo and passengers. Storage solutions are abound from the doors to the centre console. Luxury touches like the kick to open power tailgate make loading quick and easy.

With a push of a button the third row of seats rise out of the trunk floor to turn the Audi Q7 is a wonderful seven-seater family sport utility

Leather and old school quality materials mingle freely with Audi’s technology. Buttons are at a minimum as touchscreens dominate the interior led front and centre by the two massive ones in the dashboard. Drivers have similar digital screen real estate for their customizable instrument binnacle, and rear passengers use smaller screens for their own temperature controls.

The Audi MMI continues to be one of the best in the business with the voice controls understanding simple natural phrases. Along with plenty of connectivity there’s the Phone Box option that boosts cellular signal while offering wirelessly charging. Should you leave your phone in the vehicle, it provides a nice vocal reminder upon exit.
The Audi Q7 55 TSI S line is available from Audi Jamaica at 1c-3 Oxford Road, Kingston or Units 1-3 Bogue City Centre, Montego Bay at $17.4 million JMD.