Several dancehall artistes show out for Brighter Day collab, fans laud positive message

The track ‘Brighter Day’, which involves the vocal talents of fifteen dancehall acts, has been getting much love since its official release.

The love seems to not only be coming from the cadre of artistes that have come together for the project, but its poignant message which speaks to calling for national unity and an end to crime and violence.

The song features the talents of artistes including Bounty Killer, Tommy Lee Sparta, Gyptian, Julian Marley, Jahvillani and others, who blend well together to keep the message on point that a Brighter Day is needed and it will only come if there is a change.

Since its release, fans have been showing their love for the track which is produced by Silver Birds Records.

On YouTube, the comments kept flooding in, majority of them positive, with one person commenting, “Listening with tears in my eyes…I just pray the youts dem can really get the concept of this song…and make a change”.

Another person wrote, “Remember when Tommy Lee [sang] Goat Head, aimed at Bounty Killer, and now them a sing song together… Unity”, while another quipped, “This may be the biggest collab in dancehall history”.

Several comments called for more of these sort of collaborations, with one person writing, “We need more collabs in these times, too much negative songs out there…up top to all who put this together, di youths dem need dem ting yah…”

For Killer’s part, he has dubbed the track the “biggest song” on his Instagram. He also decided to tag Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Opposition Leader Mark Golding, seeking to have them take notice at what musicians are seeking to do and the change they are calling for.

In recent times the issue of violence laced music has been on the front burner with Holness being among those decrying the impact it may be having on crime and violence.

Since the song has been released, it has received over one hundred thousand views on YouTube. Sections of the video were shot in Seaview Gardens which is home to the likes of Bounty Killer, Shabba Ranks and Dexta Daps.