Sexy vehicles on show at SEMA day three

For day three of the Specialty Equipment Market Association trade show (SEMA) in Las Vegas, Nevada, the main halls held most of the attention-grabbing exhibits. However, these three vehicles made the cut with an ‘outsider’ sneaking in.

2020 Toyota Supra

The 2020 Toyota Supras abound, this one stood out on day three of the 2019 SEMA trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

To say the new Toyota Supra was plentiful at SEMA would be a gross understatement. They were so many they deserve their own story. But this example showed up due to the ever-changing options on the convention centre grounds. Tempting the most critical of eyes — journalists — this Supra showed up and sat slammed to the ground on air suspension right outside the media centre entrance. Sporting a Pandem widebody kit with a retina-searing lime green colour theme that extended down to its massive three-piece wheels, it couldn’t help but get noticed.

Fiat Abarth 595

Small car, big fun, the Fiat 595 from THREEHUNDRED was outside the box thinking for a model of car that will join the pantheon of tuneable performance hatchbacks.

They say size matters, but the Fiat 500 Abarth was a fun handling hatchback known for its enthralling exhaust note from its 1.4-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine in a compact package. As 2020 is its last year of availability in the United States, there will be many on the second-hand market making it one of the top performance bargains. Tuner THREEHUNDRED is banking on this, bringing their version of the euro-only 595 Competizione to US buyers.

In factory form, the 595 gets a few key upgrades, visually and mechanically, with larger Brembo brakes and suspension to cope with the power rise from 145bhp to 180bhp. THREEHUNDRED takes things further, with their own carbon fibre widebody kit turning the cute hatchback into a mean-looking racer. The 70mm of extra girth is put to good use housing three-piece forged es-04 wheels with red anodized centres. THREEHUNDRED’s coil-over suspension lowers the Abarth 595 helping it put the now 220bhp and 224 lb/ft of turbocharged fury to the ground.

SMCO 6×6 Ford F-550

As big as the SMCO 6×6 with its optional thread drive and three-vehicle rear bed layout, this wasn’t the wildest thing at SEMA 2019.

If the Ford F-550 wasn’t big enough then Utah-based SMCO proves that everything in the United States is bigger. With a limited run of 100 trucks at a price that screams: ‘If you have to ask, you most likely can’t afford it,’ they throw everything at Ford Motor Company’s largest commercial pickup.

If the size or the custom 6×6 wheel layout on a 10-inch lift don’t impress, then having it on rubber tank treads will. Using the Lariat factory trim and a modified 6.7-litre powerstroke diesel engine, the SMCO 6×6 has the most insane bed layout ever seen, able to hold three small UTVs. In essence, it makes a Humvee look like a Yugo and would be something one would drive should the apocalypse hit.

Written by Nichola Beckford