Sha’Carri Richardson vibes to Jada Kingdom and Dyani’s ‘Feelings’

Sha’Carri Richardson (left) vibes to hit song Feeling from Dyani (top right) and Jada Kingdom

Jamaicans may not be fans of American track star, Sha’Carri Richardson, but it turns out she’s a fan of a few things Jamaican.

The athlete had vacationed in Jamaica, her partner is rumoured to be of Jamaican roots, and she was recently seen vibing to Feelings, a hit song by Jamaican artistes Dyani and Jada Kingdom.

Although she barely knew the words, it did not deter Richardson from singing the song in a recent Instagram Live. The lyrics we presumed were directed at her partner who was also on the Live with her. Although Richardson did not reveal her partner’s face, they were obviously enjoying the moment and she was seen kissing her hand and smiling at her.

Her followers were here for the moment, labelling it as “cute” and “adorable”.

The Jamaican audience, however, was not impressed.

“Mi nuh feel she suppose to sing none a wi song dem,” one commented.

“Yuh see how they hate Jamaicans but love the culture?” another said.