Shaday unleashes ‘African Warrior’; debut album in the works

After two years of steadfastly pursuing music and creating an online following, Shaday will release her second single, Strong, Independent & Beautiful, in as many weeks on March 26.

It’s a snowballing of opportunities for the 18-year-old who released her first track, African Warrior, just last Friday. Produced by Sting International, the single is as an ode to her own strength and blessings, but also intended to inspire others.

The neo-soul and R&B music lover said, “More and more each day, people have been drifting away from knowing the power and strength they possess. I wrote the song hoping that it would serve as a reminder that we, specifically people of colour, possess everything we think we lack which has already been inside us and passed down through our lineage/ ancestors.”

The artiste, Shaday Toni-Marie Afflick, continued: “It was more me doubting myself because I’ve never done it before. It definitely took me out of my comfort zone, where catching and keeping the reggae flow is concerned.”

With music coming to her at a tender age – she began singing at two – Shaday is ready to conquer the world.

 “I definitely hope that this song will give me a big break and serve as an introduction that Shaday is here and ready to take on the world,” she said.

African Warrior is available for download on iTunes, Spotify and all major music outlets.

The track is the first from Shaday’s debut album, A Version of Myself, which is scheduled for release later this year.

Version will be executively produced by Sting International and released via New York-based label Top Shot Music Group, another offshoot of Sting International, and esteemed label executive Murray Elias.