Shaggy passed up meeting the Pope for his family vacation

Shaggy says he passed up meeting the Pope as it conflicted with his family vacation.

It’s not every day one gets an invitation to meet the Pope, let alone decline it, but that’s just what Shaggy did.

The dancehall superstar, born Orville Burrell, said he gave up meeting the Pope so he could go on vacation with his family, as they’d previously planned.

“So if it was supposed to happen, it will happen. So it’s not a regret…”

– Shaggy

While not stating which Pope extended the invite, or when it was sent, the It Wasn’t Me singer said

The artiste was speaking to Yendi Phillipps on her show Odyssey with Yendi, while responding to a question about the peak of his musical journey. Spoiler alert, it wasn’t the invitation, as Shaggy said he’s not yet experienced the peak, even after performing for Queen Elizabeth II, who knew him by name.

He said, “When you sit there and you getting an invitation from the Pope, which I actually didn’t even do. I was about to go on vacation with my family and I had to turn it down. And I chose my family over meeting the Pope.”

He added that “you also have to go to a place where you realise that what is for Caesar is for Caesar. So if it was supposed to happen, it will happen. So it’s not a regret, it’s a situation where I said “OK, there will be an opportunity again, as you go down it will come back to you.”

He said that he wanted to go with his wife Rebecca Packer, who is half-Irish and Catholic, but they collectively made the decision it was better to pass on the invite, which was extended to himself and frequent collaborator Sting.

Mr Boombastic said another invitation was sent afterwards but scheduling conflicts prevented that meeting.