Shaneil Muir and Daddy 1 to release ‘Toxic’ collab

Everyone loves a good rebellious love story, and Shaneil Muir and Daddy 1 are delivering just that on their upcoming collaboration, Toxic, produced by Linval ‘Shab Don’ Thompson Jr.

Shaneil Muir said she loved working on Toxic with Daddy 1.

“It is something that I know people will love especially because we’re from the Montego Bay area, so it is something that is highly-anticipated,” Muir told BUZZ. “I love the project, and I feel like it’s really a masterpiece. Daddy 1 loves the project as well based on his response, so we can’t wait to share it with everybody. I’ve always loved Shab Don’s productions, so it’s really something to look forward to.”

‘Bonnie and Clyde’

The song’s concept of a magnetic yet emotionally damaging union was Thompson’s brainchild.

“It was really my idea to have Shaneil Muir and Daddy 1 come together on the song, and it’s really a ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ kind of relationship that people will hear,” Thompson said. “She’s from uptown, and he’s from the ghetto, so her father nuh want her to be with him because of that. But she a seh she nah leave Daddy 1 no matter what her father says, so it’s all toxic.”

“I love the project, and I feel like it’s really a masterpiece.”

— Shaneil Muir

He added that the visuals – directed by Bling Blang who also did Vybz Kartel’s Any Weather – will heighten this love story as it portrays a ‘ride or die’ Muir who abandons her safe, plush life to take on the streets with her lover on his bike. Fans will have to wait for its premiere to find out what happens when her father sends his goons to get Daddy 1 out of the picture.

Shaniel Muir is eager to release more tracks.

The release date for the project is pending, but Thompson said the visuals are currently being chopped, and the song will debut the rhythm project which will host other acts, including I-Octane’s daughter, Octavia, and Chronic Law. He is also working on another all-female rhythm production following the release of the Sexperience rhythm last September which featured 13 female artistes.

Open to more collabs

Toxic will add to Muir’s other collaborations including Vex When featuring Stylo G and A.M. to P.M. with Ty British. When it comes to working with her peers, Muir is more focused on the quality of the music though she wouldn’t mind working with Mr Universe.

“Mi nuh really have nobody specific weh mi woulda like to work with, but a sound I hear now that I really love is Skillibeng’s,” she said. “He’s a great artiste, great lyricist, and I love his content and his sound, so I would love to work with him.

“I just love music. Once something sounds really put together for me, and once it has that sound where once people hear it dem ago seh, ‘wow, this is what we want to hear’, that’s it for me. If I hear a rhythm and mi feel Iike seh Koffee woulda shell it, then that’s the sound weh mi work with. That’s the way I look at it.”