Shauna Controlla trolls critics over alleged sex tape

Dancehall artiste Shauna Controlla

Independent artiste Shauna Controlla is trolling online users who believe she was sexually intimate with fellow artiste Dexta Daps.

The speculation comes following a video which started making the rounds on Monday which shows a woman who resembles Controlla, performing fellatio on a man whose face is not revealed. The woman is also being described as Controlla based on her hand tattoo, and the artist seemingly entertaining the accusation.

Controlla, who was absent from Instagram for almost a week, returned last night to post a video of Daps performing at her birthday bash last February. As she stands in the background dancing, Daps says in part, “Happy birthday enuh Shauna Controlla, you know seh it’s all love.”

He then begins to perform his hit 7 Eleven which denotes that he doesn’t care how many sexual partners a woman has had, it won’t stop him from joining the list. Controlla has often been criticised for dating around in the music industry, from deejay Gully Bop to allegedly businessman Joe Bogdanovich.


The perplexing post was accompanied by the caption, “This hurt u,” followed by a slew of middle finger emojis.

To top it off, Controlla also began promoting her music video for the song Lollipop, which, of course, is about her oral sex skills.

Though she has limited comments on her posts following the video’s leak, several users are making it known that a hookup with the No Underwear singer, alleged or not, is no grand prize.

“He belongs to the streets, him can stay,” one person wrote.

“Den lawd Geezaz ppl a badmind ova man? Anyway! U body look nice.”

“Not a soul no badmind you mumma because Dexta will f**k anything that will give up some p***y. You ain’t the only one. Respectfully.”

Other comments saw folks commending her alleged lollipop skills. Another user fantasized, “So y’all a couple? Would be cute together.”

Daps has not publicly addressed the accusation or video.