Shawn Antoine to release video for Curfew

Singer Shawn Antoine is set to release the visuals for his latest single Curfew on Friday.

The video will be uploaded to his official YouTube channel Shawn Antoine at 7 PM local time. 

While Shawn Antoine is the lead artiste in the single he also worked alongside Aaron Dabee and Kevin Walker in directing the video.

“The video was done two weeks ago. Scenes were shot at Frankie Music studio in Marverly as well as sections of Mona,” said Shawn Antoine. 

Produced by Frankie Music, Curfew is all about matters of the heart.

“The video is about me having a girl or two locked down in the current curfew hours without strings attached. Basically, just living my best life in the situation presented,” Shawn Antoine explained.

He said the energy on the set was a good one. 

“It was a new team, new image, totally new concept so it took some adjusting therefore creating some high moments and equally some challenging ones. I actually enjoyed the driving scenes the most. Making my way through Kingston while standing in the back of the jeep performing (singing) with three girls making their way all over me, which gave me a reminiscing thought of being back on the main stage again experiencing the thrill, excitement and even the little awkward moments. It was also a joy seeing the song come to life from paper and pen to actually seeing it on a screen, ” Antoine said.

“Curfew was inspired by not only the lockdowns caused by the coronavirus pandemic, but the idea of securing someone for the long weekends without any strings attached,”he added.