Shenseea addresses Drake pregnancy rumours

Dancehall artiste Shenseea and Drake

No BUZZ Fam, Shenseea is not pregnant for Drake.

The rumour first started circulating on social media, after the website, 18KaratReggae known to publish fabricated stories carried the article. The story alleged that the fast-rising star was carrying Drake’s child.

Shenseea, who was on social media hiatus while working on her debut album, ignored the rumour. But she recently decided to address it in an Instagram Live.

“Am I pregnant? The reason why mi even a talk bout this inno a because weh day when mi post the manager thing inno mi see a comment weh a girl a seh from mi have sex with Drake everything start go up. I’m like so wait oonu actually believe this, like oonu serious, oonu serious serious,” she said in exasperation.

She shared that she saw the story, but decided that she wasn’t going to interrupt her social media break to address it. However, behind the scenes, she was seeking legal advice on to proceed.

“I was like cool let me get in contact with the lawyer cause this not even make no sense and one the lawyer say it ago tek too long to get down that story right and two, it don’t make no sense because people can literally just get up and chat shit and post it on the website so it’s gonna come again and again,” she said.

“This for me the way I see it is just a start, there’s worse to come that’s how I feel,” she expressed. She added that persons should be wary of these lies because she won’t be coming out to dispel them each time.

Shenseea was also critical of some media outlets, insisting they were putting up wrong information about her and urged her followers to be careful of what they read and believe.”If you didn’t hear it from me, don’t be quick to believe everything y’all see on the net” she cautioned.