Shenseea addresses rumours that she sacrificed her mother

Dancehall artiste, Shenseea with her mom

Shenseea is shutting down rumours that she “sacrificed” her mother to achieve international success and accolades. The insensitive gossip, first surfacing on Twitter, caused the Blessed singjay to call the accusers “sick” during an Instagram live this morning. 

“People weh really a talk bout sacrifice…yuh see social media is a thing weh mi use it a lot to promote myself and my music and help me get weh mi deh, but there’s things you can never get me to do which is get angry over comments,” Shenseea started.

“You see in a time like this when mi madda dead and unno come a talk bout sacrifice, that show mi seh the devil himself send unno so mi neven fi get worked up over that but mi need unno fi know seh I really can find you…but I won’t cause you can’t hide from God.” she continued.  

The entertainer had announced the passing of her mother on Thursday through an emotional Instagram post, which reaped thousands of consolatory messages from her Shenyeng fanbase, celebrities and even her adversary Jada Kingdom.

Shenseea said she is still trying to confirm the cause of her mother’s death, but revealed she was admitted after suffering a mild stroke and heart attack.

“When mi see mi madda mi really did swear she did a go pull through, mi neven did really a fret. Mi did sad… I was there and mi a seh, ‘mummy weh yaa do a di hospital? Yuh just need fi come out; just do wah yuh need fi do and just come out’. It did really heartbreaking fi go deh and see har just like that…”

She added that the doctor informed her that her mother had suffered a previous stroke, for which she wasn’t aware.

“Mi nuh understand, she just no talk,” a tearful Shenseea said. “That’s what happened guys. Just give me prayer, that’s all I need. Pray fi mi son cause they were really close and she spoil him rotten.”

Shenseea with her son

She recalled the sacrifices her mother made to send her to school, and expressed disappointment in not being able to spoil her as her career grows.

“Mi disappointed seh mi just a really start show her life,” she said.

“Mi nuh really grow wid mi madda, mi see her like almost every two weeks when I was growing up cause she used to do live-in jobs. When mi move uptown mi start appreciate her even more cause mi see the helper dem a walk wid dem big bag fi tek taxi and she go through that fi years just fi send mi to high school.

But if mi did know my madda go through things weh mi see a happen to people right now, trust mi, mi probably wouldn’t be an artiste. Mi woulda do mi best fi be the best,” she added.

She said 2019 was bittersweet for her, because although she achieved international glory with the Tyga collab, Blessed, she also suffered vocal damage which affected her income. But nothing beats 2020.

“2020 a now di worst year a mi life but mi haffi be strong not only fi myself but fi mi youth and mi love him more than anything in this world,” she said.

“Half a mi heart gone but mi next half still deh ya and dat alone a help mi fi cope.”