Shenseea buys bestie a new car

Dancehall artiste Shenseea

Most of us associate Christmas with gift-giving, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to hear that dancehall artiste Shenseea gave her best friend an early Christmas present.

However, what might have been a tad surprising to her, and certainly us, is that the Blessed singer shelled out major paper to buy her best friend, Beharie, a car.

Shenseea’s bestie, Beharie, poses on her new ride.

Shenseea revealed this in an Instagram post on Wednesday when she told the world that her friend has been with her through thick and thin, and therefore, it was no issue buying her ride or die her first car.

Shenseea gives her bestie, Beharie, a bite out of her sandwich.

“Out of all the friends I have, you da only one that struggled with me, went hungry with me. Gave me ya last when I desperately needed it, never betrayed me, your loyalty is impeccable. Before the game you were my right hand, almost nine years of friendship! U my sis! My ride or die… now it’s only fair you riding in your own bxtch. Love you 4L,” she wrote on IG.

Shenseea further indicated that more is yet to come.

The gift, which is a Toyota Axio, certainly caught Beharie off guard with Shenseea having to confirm that it was, in fact, a gift. The bestie then hugged her entertainer friend while expressing joy about the moment.

Beharie later took to Instagram to express her happiness and to thank Shenseea for the gift while striking a few poses with her new ride. She noted that Shenseea has done so much for her, and she appreciates everything.

BUZZ fam, is there any person you would buy a car for if you had the money? Let us know.