Who vex? Shenseea is ‘Upset’ and bares all in new single

Shenseea is tired of bottling things up and is ready to get some things off her chest.

Dancehall artiste Shenseea released her newest track, Upset’ last evening.

In her latest single, Upset, Shenseea turns her lyrical chops towards her haters and those who are otherwise “full a bad spirit like duppy grow yu”.

Upset, which was released last evening, has already racked up almost 120,000 views on her YouTube page.

The upbeat, self-empowerment anthem hits out at people she claims are ‘obsessed’ with her and her success, which makes them “vex”.

Wah come beat like say a contest,

When mi do good dat get dem press,

Cya mind dem own damn business,

So dem tek set

However, the artiste states she remains unconcerned because she is blessed, and can only be stopped if it’s God’s intent.

A cute shout-out to Beyoncé’s former girl group is a reminder than the ShenYeng boss may have been in the business for several years now, but she’s much younger than her experience suggests.

Destiny child, mi affi survive,

Hate say mi rise like a di revival,

Know dem wish say mi did suicidal,

 Mi nuh need friend cah to me dat nuh vital.

With social media users already giving the track rave reviews, and Shenseea rarely ever delierving a dud, the song is almost a sure thing to dominate the airwaves and personal playlists well into the New Year.