Shenseea launches lashes collection

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Dancehall artiste Shenseea launches lash collection

Dancehall artiste Shenseea has officially been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and will launch her lash collection soon.

The ‘Shen Yeng Boss’ alerted her doting fans to her new business venture in an Instagram post recently.

“The wait is finally over 😓 Y’all ready for my Lash Collection??,” she asked.

As expected almost everyone who replied in her comments section had a resounding yes!

But we still don’t know when exactly the collection will be launched, or what it will look like. We suspect Shenseea is building up anticipation and will be dropping those details periodically.

Earlier this year, the Blessed artiste had told YouTuber Timera Blair that she was in the process of working on her lash line, and other Shen Yeng merchandise.

“I’m gonna have about three websites, the first one right now is what we sorting out with the lashes, and the next one for my merch-T-shirts, hats, and all of that. And for the third one-well, I don’t know yet.”

We’re happy to see Shenseea following through. Will you be shopping when the website is launched, BUZZ fam?