Shenseea responds to backlash over ‘satanic scene’ in ‘Run Run’ music video

This scene from Shenseea’s new music video has sparked a bit of controversy

Last week, Shenseea released the music video for her first single in seven months, Run Run. The track is from her upcoming debut album. The song, which was produced by Grammy winner Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor has a very 90s and 80s dancehall vibe. The music video was released shortly after she announced that she now has a new manager.

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Run Run is about a woman who is in a very toxic relationship with her male partner. She eventually comes to the realization that the relationship is not healthy and decides to run from it.

In the music video, however, it is the man who is seen running from Shenseea as she tries to reclaim her heart from him.

The video, directed by Christian Bresleur is filled with captivating visuals. However, there’s one specific scene that did not sit well with a lot of viewers.  In this scene, the man is chained to a board while a vengeful Shenseea is standing over him wearing a face shield with devilish horns. She slowly lowers him into what is depicted as hell.

This particular scene was posted on various social media accounts such as The Shade room and the tropics. And many viewers thought it was demonic and unnecessary. They voiced their opinions after Shenseea posted a clip of this scene on her Instagram where she labelled it as her “favourite”.

“Wish she never get caught up in the evil theme. The heart, the devil horn, depiction of hell, her hair supposed to be a tree and she is holding a snake, remind you of anything?…… disappointing,” one person commented

“7 months??? For this bruh,” another wrote.

“The devil duppy imagery coulda leff out,” someone added.

Shenseea replied to the negative reviews on her Twitter account saying that “ I am not offended by persons who don’t like the song or video for Run Run we all got opinions! However, to those who love it, we share the SAME sentiments! I am INLOVE!

And indeed, not all comments were negative some persons especially the loyal Shenyengs really loved both the song and video.

“Creativity visuals storyline lyrics voice girl what can’t you do???”

“the best music video from you so far”

We look forward to more from Shenseea and her debut album whose release date is yet to be announced.