Shenseea returns to former inner city home

Dancehall artiste Shenseea

The quarantine period triggered by the coronavirus pandemic has given many people time to reflect. For Romeich Entertainment’s shining star, Shenseea, the humbling period has provided the perfect opportunity to return to her own humble beginnings, which she shared to over two million followers on Instagram  this weekend.

Alongside her mother and bestfriend, Behari, Shenseea visited her former home located in the inner city, and used the trip to encourage fans to pursue their dreams despite the circumstance.

“Mommy was a single parent and worked live-in jobs so during my high school years I moved back and forth between relatives just to get a place to stay…then drop out a college (financial problems),” Shenseea captioned. 

“Me get a nine-to-five and help me mada build a board house just to call our own. Yes, we were in the ghetto BUT a long time me have ambition…and I’m putting this out there fi show unu say DON’T GIVE UP‼️,” she continued.

The Loodi hitmaker gave viewers a tour of her former abode, from the narrow path that leads up to the house, to the chicken coop in the yard which her mother built. Also sentimental for Shenseea was the veranda space, where she wrote some of the songs which have become a staple in her performances. 

” Me get a 9-5 and help me mada build a board house just to call our own”.

— Shenseea

“This is where I used to live, yeah, right pan dah veranda ya mi stay and write Jiggle Jiggle and Whine,” she said.

She also showed fans her “cute board room” which she built after saving money from her time in the corporate world. 

The post received nods from fellow celebrities Stefflon Don, Ding Dong, ZJ Chrome, DJ Nicco and Yendi Phillips.