Shenseea says her career will be as big as Rihanna’s

Dancehall artiste Shenseea tasted international glory in 2019 with the Tyga collaboration, Blessed, but she has bigger plans…Rihanna big.

Shenseea says she’s putting in the work to have her career become as big as Rihanna’s.

“In the future I see my career going really big as Rihanna,” Shenseea said in a recent appearance on Fuse. “I know it just takes time, dedication, hard work, sweat, so I’m here to put it in.”

She added, “I don’t think there’s ever an artiste that came out of Jamaica that knows how to do all three: rap, singjay and deejay, and sing like Beyoncé-singing, so I think there’s only one of me right now.”

“I love to sing and I have a real passion for music so now that I’m locked in that’s the only thing I miss to be honest.”

– Shenseea

Now while she may just have to check the history books of other quadruple threats like Brick & Lace, Diana King, Wayne Marshall, Sizzla, Kranium, Tifa, Jovi Rockwell and Wayne Wonder, she does get credit for being one of dancehall’s fast rising stars.

The Loodi entertainer prepared one of her favourite meals, steamed fish and crackers, alongside best friend Ashley, while sharing stories of her come-up.

“I grew up in Golden Spring, Lane Pass, it’s what we would call the ‘hood’ here in Jamaica,” she said. “I used to stay with Ashley… I met Ashley in high school, became friends about 10th grade so we’ve been friends now for nine years.”

Shenseea said she found the motivation to pursue music after giving birth four years ago.

She said she would often sleep over her bestie’s house where they would play games and watch television series, and Ashley added they also did a lot of partying as they secured promotional jobs as teenagers.

Upon giving birth to her son four years ago, Shenseea found the motivation to pursue music, a childhood dream, with the support of her best friend who now serves as her assistant.

“I’m not surprised (at her success) because she was always popular in high school…so seeing the amount of people giving her support, she have an awesome fanbase and I’m really grateful for that,” said Ashley.

Shenseea and her son Rajeiro.

The Jamaican ‘Rihanna and Melissa’ have different plans when quarantine is over. Ashley wants to hit at least one party before going ham on work mode, while the ‘Shenyeng’ boss wants to scrap the parties unless she’s performing.

“She mostly goes into boss mode but I have to know the difference between work time and playtime, so if I’m doing a mistake or anything and she corrects me I don’t really feel anyway about it or get defensive or anything.”

Shenseea chimed, “I love to work so my job is everything to me, my career is everything to me. I love to sing and I have a real passion for music so now that I’m locked in that’s the only thing I miss to be honest. I feel like partying can wait.”

Between seasoning her red snapper fish and sharing brief anecdotes, Shenseea also gave her favourite recordings thus far and thoughts on living outside Jamaica. 

Foreplay is definitely one of my favourites, I feel like that song was well written, alongside The Side Chick Song. I feel like Blessed is also in my top fav because it was a different feeling, I mixed pop with dancehall…

“I think I can still make a big impact and live somewhere else. Jamaica is always gonna be my number one home but I still do love my career just as much as I love my country because I’m also representing for them and I don’t feel like I can represent for them fully if I’m just stuck here in Jamaica. I feel like I have to go out there and represent well.”