Shenseea says she almost blasphemed after losing voice

Prior to her mother’s passing in June, dancehall pop act Shenseea described 2019 as the worst year of her life.

Dancehall artiste Shenseea said she almost blasphemed after losing her voice in 2019.

The meteoric singjay had to cancel several shows last April after suffering vocal cord trauma. After being told by a doctor that she’d probably never be able to sing again, no entity was exempted from Shenseea’s wrath.

“I’m in love with music, if I could go on my knee and marry music I would have done it so for me to lose my voice I was crying… I even took it out on some of my team members, it was crazy…” she said. “I prayed too and I came this close to blaspheming and I’ve never done that. I’ve always held my faith in God and it was so crazy to me how my voice could just get up and go completely. It was really wrecking my mentality.”

“I was about to go and look a second job because of the fact that I couldn’t sing.”

– Shenseea

The artiste shared this in a recent virtual chat with New York producer DJ Young Chow. Shenseea said the trauma was as a result of vocal cord nodules and hemorrhaging.

“It was right after I delivered the majority of my album cause I’ve been working on my album for a while, like three songs a night, we were pushing extra hard,” she said. “Then I took up smoking and then I was out working, doing the shows back-to-back, so everything right there messed up my voice and put a strain on it.”

She said it was someone from overseas who heard about her predicament and referred her to a specific vocal coach.

“I did not believe that it would work because the doctor told me that with people who have nodules, you’re gonna have to either do surgery to get it off and on top of that you don’t even know if you’re gonna have the same vocal ranges because it might change how you sound completely.

“I did the vocal lessons and to my surprise when I went to check on it my nodules are completely gone. There’s no more bleeding… I was about to go and look a second job because of the fact that I couldn’t sing.”