Shenseea says she’s never been in love

According to dancehall artiste Shenseea, she’s never been in love.

When asked by a fan if she has ever been in love, Shenseea, the Rebel hit maker, made the shocking revelation, as she kept it real during a Q&A session on her Instagram Story last night.

“No,” was her simple response to the question, similar to her response when asked if she has a celebrity crush.

“No, which I find very sad,” she wrote.

The questions surrounding her love life continued, even though she shared that she is single.

“The day u see me in Thailand, Iceland or Seychelles is the day u can say I’m definitely getting laid.”

As far as babies go, she responded, “Kmt as much as I love my unhatched eggs. F**k that RN a ni**a gonna have to bring Heaven down on me to knock me up!”

The 24-year-old has one child and was asked about her reaction when she found out she was pregnant.

“I was happy; 19-years-old and I was happy,” she said. “Don’t be like me guys…our luck probably won’t be the same but I was happy and nervous at the same time.”

She added, “The love for my son is unmatched and unexplainable. I been loved that kid even when I was broke.”

She listed modest and respectful as two traits she wants her son to exhibit, and said it’s not hard balancing the life of a mother and her music career.

“The only sacrifice I have to make is not being by him while touring. Otherwise, i love my son and I love my career. So I just do what needs to be done ALL THE TIME and MAKE THE TIME for both!”

People were also curious about another male in her life, her dad.

“Let me just clear this up for some bright and feisty people who make some nasty remarks I’ve seen in the past. I never met my father, I heard he had to leave JA for a job while my mom was 6 months pregant, my family ended up moving from St. Elizabeth to Kingston. Did he come back to JA? IDK. Is he dead? IDK.. Did they have a good relationship? From what I heard from her, Yes.”

The music-related questions saw Shenseea assuring fans that new music is en route, and if she wasn’t doing music, “I’d probably be in jail. God saved me. Music saved me.”

One fan also asked why she’s not as interactive with her Shenyengs anymore.

“Its crazy that you notice, i’d hoped it wouldn’t be or that much of a big deal. My mom’s death really changed me. Less talkative, more reserved. I hope it won’t be like this forever but at the moment I can’t help it. Time is master and i assure you it has changed my love for y’all; it has grown seeing the support and comfort you give in my hardest of times.”

She also had advice for students navigating online school.

“You are smart and you are capable. Regardless of how challenging it has been doing online classes, getting irritated easily, having not much patience, that you can still pass. I remember in high school I didn’t go a class and I got that syllabus nevertheless. I studied and I passed my CSEC with a two… So yeah, it’s challenging but you can still do it…”