Shenseea shares the reason behind claims that she ‘sold her soul’

Dancehall artiste Shenseea on Monday (August 30) shared the reason she believes some have accused her of ‘selling her soul’.

According to Shenseea, haters have fabricated the ‘soul selling’ narrative as a means of discrediting her hard work.

Shenseea said it was because these individuals could not accuse her of prostitution, so they had resorted to accusing her of selling her soul.

“Can’t say I sell my pu$$y so they said I sold my soul,” said Shenseea on Instagram.

“I’ll take it,” she added.

Fellow artiste Dovey Magnum who was quick to respond to the post affirmed Shenseea’s reasoning, indicating that she was of the same opinion.

Shenseea has been plagued by rumours that she “sold her soul” since signing to American music powerhouse Interscope Records in May 2019.

Her mother’s passing a little over a year later in June 2020 further fuelled the rumours.

However, the rumours picked up legs with the release of her “Run Run” video, which some said confirmed what was being whispered under breaths.

The imagery used in the “Run Run” video was labeled as “demonic”  with some saying it showed her initiation ritual into the occult similar to other artiste who had made the journey before her.

However several in the heavy weights in the dancehall community have pushed back against the criticism, namely producer Rvssian and reggae artiste Mr Vegas.