Shenseea shares why she chose to cover ‘Hallelujah’ For Apple Music’s Christmas Collection

According to dancehall artiste Shenseea, she selected Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah to cover for Apple Music’s Christmas Collection because it is a prayer.

The 25-year-old said that prayer is a very important part of her life.

“What strikes me from the original version is that, to me, it’s a prayer,” Shenseea told Apple Music.

“I’m always praying and I’m always giving praises. I thank God every single day. I acknowledge Jesus just for blessing me with the voice that I have,” she added.

She also used the occasion to share with Apple Music her fondest holiday memory.

Shenseea said her fondest holiday memory dates back to her first year of being a recognized artiste.

She shared that prior to her rise to stardom, so was unable to buy things for her family.

“Because before, I did not have much. When I became an artist, I started to get more financially stable and I was able to buy my son gifts, afford anything I wanted to eat, and I felt more content and relaxed,” she said.

Shenseea’s cover of Hallelujah is available exclusively on Apple Music. It hit the platform on October 29.