Shenseea The Flexible: Deejay’s fans drool over risqué photo

We know Shenseea as a rising star in the dancehall sphere, but we bet many of you didn’t realise how flexible she can be.

The Blessed singer recently dropped a couple of pictures on her social media pages with her doing a handstand and a split.

She has popped many eyes in the past with her photos, but this time around her fans definitely saw the light.

We knew she had skills, but this… this is another level, as it has many persons drooling and wondering what else she might be capable of. And since making the Instagram post on Friday night, it has been liked more than 157,000 times.

“Me just hope my man nuh see this,” one of her followers said. Another added: “A who seh Shenseea got no talent????? This need a wow.”

Her attire is also one that will certainly draw the gaze of many, as it is very revealing.

You got skills, girl. And BUZZ likes it.