Shenseea to launch eyelash business, merch line

Dancehall artiste Shenseea will be expanding her brand with a lash business and merch line among others things planned for release.

It’s common for artistes who’ve achieved some level of success to expand their brand by opening a business. Shenseea is joining the lot with a brewing eyelash brand.

In an interview with New York producer DJ Young Chow, the Sure Sure singjay said she was inspired to start a lash business as fans often enquire about her lashes. She said this will be one of several ventures.

“I’m actually planning to launch out merch soon, I can’t tell you about one (of the businesses) yet because that’s so big and I’m so excited about it that I don’t wanna tell anybody but something is coming,” she said.

“I’m truly hurt, my heart is broken but I feel like giving up is disrespectful to the people who love me.”

– Shenseea on mom’s passing

She added that she will also be launching her website soon which will house her products.

Fans may get a Shenyeng cookbook too, as she’s been thinking about publishing one after experimenting with recipes all quarantine.

Debut album

Talks of a Shenseea album have pervaded the media since 2017, with the singer first announcing that her debut album will be reggae-based. It seems this has changed as the artiste said the album, which she hopes to release by March 2021, will be sonically diverse.

Shenseea’s ‘Lighter’ collaboration with Tarrus Riley has been one of the biggest songs of her career so far.

“I feel like what we’re doing is introducing a new side of Shenseea that a lot of people didn’t know was there before. So on my album we’re definitely gonna have a lot of songs that show my vocal range and Lighter is just an example of what is yet to come.”

That Tarrus Riley collaboration will also be on the album.

Whirlwind year

It’s been a whirlwind year for the Romeich Entertainment act. Lighter blew up on the Internet in a shorter time span than her 2019 Blessed Tyga-collab, and she performed on BET’s Hip Hop Awards as part of a Jamaican cypher.

But the year has also had its trials. The singjay’s mother died in June and she’s been holding on for her son and fans.

“Inside of me I smile to the camera but inside I’m still trying to recover or at least get myself to a certain level where my mentality is at least 90 per cent,” she said. “Even up until now just thinking about it gets me crazy “I’m not the same how I was before; I’m truly hurt, my heart is broken but I feel like giving up is disrespectful to the people who love me.”

Despite it all, Shenseea said she still feels blessed and is excited about the opportunities that await once the COVID-19 pandemic runs its course.