Shenseea trends high with latest release

Shenseea in a scene from Limited Edition.

Fresh off news that she was best streamed Jamaican female artiste of 2019, Shenseea is only seeing more positives as her latest track Limited Edition was trending at the number 2 spot on YouTube as at today (Dec 26).

The dancehall artiste has been doing well on YouTube recently as a previous effort titled Foreplay has already garnered over 1 million views after it was uploaded just over two weeks ago.

The video features a number of dancers who brought the song to life with their plethora of moves and their energy, which adequately matched the vibes coming from Shenseea.

Known for her risque style, Shenseea stayed true to that side with Limited Edition in which she bragged about her skills in the bedroom with her significant other, while lambasting girls who tend to have sex relations with a number of men.