Shenseea unbothered by criticism about her grieving process

Since Shenseea announced her mother’s death on June 25, many onlookers seem to have become overnight experts on the correct way to grieve. The Overdrive singjay has been given the side-eye for posting Instagram stories where she’s dancing, goofing around – she was even roasted for laughing in her first live video explaining the circumstances surrounding her mother’s passing.

Dancehall artiste Shenseea clapped back at critics who have questioned her grieving process.

It seems the Romeich Entertainment act cannot catch a break as critics are now blasting her for acknowledging her Shenyeng fanbase, particularly during this rough period.

In her latest post, Shenseea shared a video of three women having a ball to The Side Chick Song.

“Apart from my family, friends and team; I need y’all to know how HAPPY this makes me!” she captioned. “IT MAKES ME HAPPY when I see my #ShenYengz enjoying my music, it makes me happy to make y’all happy! And me know unu tired fi hear it but me love unu to me heart ❤️ thank you.”

But one user deemed the post out of line with expected grieving behaviour. 

“Ur mum just died n u are celebrating,” the user commented.

Shenseea was quick to clap back, letting the user (and others of like mind) know that she will not be broken by the criticism of others.

“My mother’s death showed me I should be grateful for everything I have and life my life to the fullest because I don’t know when my time will come!” she said. “As for you and everyone else who thinks talking about my mom in a bad way will hurt me or try to make me feel guilty about her passing IT’S NOT WORKING. I love my mom and EVERYBODY sees that CLEARLY. The fact that alot a y’all would wanna see me fall off and depressed, that in itself MOTIVATES me to keep going!”

Her response was endorsed by several others.

“She’s coping at least she’s not harming herself and doing drugs…” relayed one follower.

“So she should stop her life and keep crying? Mind your own business,” chimed another.

“Grieving is deeply individual. Stop trolling.”

Another added, “Her mom wouldn’t want her to be sad, she would want her to be happy.”