Shenseea unfollows Spice on Instagram

Dancehall artiste Shenseea

What’s in a follow? Everything, if you ask an average Instagram user.
Romeich Entertainment’s first lady, Shenseea, has unfollowed dancehall heavyweight Spice, adding to mounting speculations of envy that have been lurking since December.

In an Instagram story today, Shenseea wrote, “BADMIND cya hide wid make up. #BadAlone #NitInGang.”

While she dropped no names, the sentiment is eerily similar to spiritual advisor Nardo ‘RT Boss’ Smith’s claim that Spice is afraid to show her “fresh face” out of fear that her true persona will be revealed. This was one of several claims Smith made last month when he accused the artiste (also his former friend) of being ungrateful for all the things he’d done to help her career.

He also claimed that the So Mi Like It deejay refused to do a collaboration with Shenseea because she was insecure that the newcomer would outshine her.

Spice subsequently denied his claims, and Shenseea kept quiet in the midst of the saga. Her manager, Romeich Major, did, however, get in hot water after he posted a video of them in the studio sprinkling rum to cleanse the space, a ritual which is associated with “obeah” of which Spice was accused. Major said he didn’t wish to get involved in the Spice-Smith saga, and asked fans to leave Shenseea’s name out of it.

The narrative of envy was reignited after a recent viral freestyle of Shenseea had many labelling her the new ‘Queen of dancehall’. Though she said she has no interest in such title or any, there was also no acknowledgment of Spice which rubbed some folks the wrong way.

Jada Kingdom

Spice got her acknowledgement today but from another peer, Jada Kingdom, who coincidentally had a beef with Shenseea up until mid-2020. The post saw many people tagging Shenseea, saying she should have acknowledged Spice in a similar fashion when the “title” conversation
flooded social media. Other fans also called out Kingdom and Spice for what they perceived as shade thrown towards the Lighter singer.

Social media then got to investigating, and realised that Shenseea was no longer following Spice. Spice, however, was still following the Shenyeng boss up to press time.

In a since deleted story, Shenseea said, “The female they say is unproblematic, unno gwaan ramp wid me yere.”