Not bathing for a week: Sher Luxury Doll shares skin bleaching secret

Former dancer Sher Luxury Doll

Former dancer Sher Luxury Doll is known for a bevy of things including her entrepreneurship, “designer body” and caramel skin tone.

The social media influencer has dedicated many online videos to offering tips on business and cosmetic surgery, but today she used her platform to disclose her secret to skin bleaching: not bathing for a week.

This step, she said, is only done when she wants to achieve her light brown skin tone quickly.

“Mi a tell unno mi remedy,” she said during an Instagram Live this morning.

“Mi shouldn’t even a tell unno this but mi a tell unno how mi ketch my colour quick: Mi nuh bathe fi one week,” she added.

Skin bleaching brand

Sher, who owns a skin bleaching brand, suggested that her fellow bleachers use their desired products three times daily, wear a stocking suit and avoid soap and water for seven days if they want to maintain a fair complexion.

“Mi wipe up… Wipe up your cratches, yuh wipe up your arm.”

—Sher Luxury Doll

“A every three day yuh fi bathe or every one week cause yaa waste the cream. Yuh haffi give the cream time fi soak.”

Some viewers asked about her hygiene during that period to which she shared she uses regular wipes.

“Mi wipe up… Wipe up your cratches, yuh wipe up your arm. Wah coulda wrong wid your front suh weh likkle wipes cya help you?… If yuh have baby wipes clean dem up, so why big ooman like you wipes cya clean you up? Something haffi wrong wid your cratches, nothing nuh wrong wid mine. Likkle wipes clean me up,” she said.

Her openness inspired other bleachers to reveal that not bathing for two to four weeks is normal. Sher related this post-surgery life.

“When yuh just do surgery yuh cannot bathe fi di first week, and how is it that you don’t smell? Your faja still clean, everything. Mi nuh bathe fi one week so mi nuh care weh unno waan seh,” she said.

“If mi nasty, a suh. Mi waan my cream work and me spend a lot of money buying bleaching cream so mi haffi get my money’s worth. Cream pon top a cream pon top a cream is the secret so everybody a talk bout how the cream nuh work, lie. The cream work but yuh haffi know how fi use it.”