Sherieta Lewis takes centre stage with exotic soul

Exotic soul is the style of music that Sherieta Lewis has been sharing with the world.

Singing dynamo Sherieta Lewis is balancing the score as a soloist and background vocalist. You can find her owning the stage with powerhouse vocals and soulful, storytelling lyrics, or nailing harmonies for one of reggae’s stars.

“I still tour with Damian Marley, and thankfully at this point, we’ve not had a problem,” Lewis told BUZZ. “Damian is a part of my team too, so he knows what I’m doing.”

Showing promise

The Marley’s Ghetto Youths International label released her debut 2019 EP, Conversations In Key, which Lewis said is showing promise.

“It’s been doing well, and we’re seeing some charting,” she said. “We’re watching how the progress goes, but we’re really just excited and still promoting it.”

She produced the seven-track project alongside keyboardist Sean Diedrick, and calls the offering “exotic soul” – a blend of soul, R&B and Jamaican popular music. Songs like Don’t Fail Me Now, Woman2Woman featuring Racquel and Can We Stay featuring Chevaughn depict this well, and Lewis has more exotic soul to come.

Sherieta Lewis is already recording songs for her next project.

“We’re really just taking our time and creating new music for the next project. I just sent off a few demos for it,” she said. “We don’t have a concept yet, but we know it’s gonna come in a year or two, crossing my fingers, but it should be more of the exotic soul, and more emotional stuff and songs about life.”

Acoustic series

Lewis hopes to increase her presence on the local scene this year with a concert series, Let’s Play Acoustic, alongside Chevaughn and Ranoy Gordon.

“It’s a venture we started a few years ago, but we got busy with touring so we’re trying to do it again for 2020,” she said.

“I’m also supposed to be opening for a very big reggae artiste who I’m a big fan of on some tours this year. I can’t say much about that yet. Plus I’ll be doing other shows in Jamaica.”