Short and sweet: Shenseea and Tarrus Riley release ‘Lighter’ music video

It’s not often that people grumble about the length of a song, but that was a common complaint after some persons saw Tarrus Riley and Shenseea’s music video for Lighter.

Tarrus Riley and Shenseea on the set of Lighter.

They simply wanted more of the track that was two minutes and 20 seconds long.

“The song is too short, but it’s a really nice song,” one YouTube user said. “I don’t need this, it’s too short, take it back. There’s another 40 sec missing. Lol,” another added.

After weeks of teasing, the music video for Lighter was finally released on Sunday. In less than 14 hours, it was viewed more than 220,000 times on YouTube.

“Song tooo nice fi so short….. Two more verse pon it…. Shenseea with the vocals and visuals. Yeh and tarrus part bad too.”

— YouTube viewer

The song appears on Tarrus Riley’s album called Healing. It also features producer Rvssian.

In the video, the two entertainers were quite close and cute. Tarrus Riley had ‘a buzz’ in his solo shots, as his outfits were on-trend. But it was Shenseea who stole the show in one of the scenes where she was sitting on a chair covered with flowers. Her blue hair was just gorgeous.

“Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate Shenseea’s beauty,” one viewer said.

The entertainer was also given props for how she sang.

“She has such a beautiful voice. It’s good to hear songs that embrace her voice,” one viewer said.

“Song tooo nice fi so short….. Two more verse pon it…. Shenseea with the vocals and visuals….. ❤️… Yeh and tarrus part bad too,” another added.