Shorty opens up about fights with Vybz Kartel and losing baby girl

Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson usually avoids the limelight, but this month has seen the long-term spouse of Vybz Kartel sharing bits of her personal life on social media. 

Shorty and incarcerated artiste Vybz Kartel in happier times.

Mother to three of Kartel’s children, Johnson opened up about her history with the incarcerated deejay, whom she first met at the now defunct Cactus Nightclub in Portmore, St Catherine.

“Mi and mi friend did deh deh one Friday night, and him and about two a him friend dem…him send di yute name Exie come call mi. Mi seh listen, him waan mi, him fi come to me,” Johnson said on DJ Lava’s Chat & Laugh Instagram series last night. “Mi never know who him be, him never buss yet.”

The two hit it off and have been inseparable since, though the relationship has endured rocky times. On Kartel’s January album, To Tanesha (which her Short Boss Musik Label co-produced), he chronicles their tumultuous relationship which she said was inspired by constant arguing and his decision to leave the relationship. She added that their disputes have often gotten physical.

“Nuff people nuh know before mi have mi last son, mi did pregnant before dat and have a baby six months and two weeks.”

– Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson

“The two a we head hot, none a we nuh tek chat,” she said. “Mi a nuh ‘Yamabella’ enuh. Mi nah back…all pon the table mi stand up, mi nah back.”

Between smashing car windows and uprooting a whole house, Johnson shared the time she actually stabbed him in his side, which he deejayed about on his 2009 song Love Dem.

“Me and him did inna one argument and mi deh a di house…him drive out fi go a di studio and mi text him fi tell him seh mi a go a my yard,” she said. “Mi drive out, gone a my yard and ting…is like one mind seh tek a taxi go back a di yard. After me call the taxi, mi go di yard cause mi have mi owna key. Him come, him never see di car so him tink seh mi nuh deh deh.”

Shorty said she once stabbed the artiste after she caught him bringing another woman home.

As he exited the vehicle, Johnson heard a female’s voice.

“Mi nuh badda give him nuh time fi pull the house door, mi just run out pon him wid mi ice pick… the girl run gone dung di road…so him haffi end up get weh she fi get.”

He was taken to the Andrews Memorial Hospital by Gaza member Shawn Storm, where he received seven stitches. Johnson said he called her mother upon being discharged, as he wanted her to come home. Johnson said her mother, now deceased, would be the one he would run to each time he tried to make amends.

She added that he has even shed tears over her.

“Mi swear pon mi son dem life…(him cry) regular…and mi tek my son dem life serious. When mi seh cry over, eye water a run.”

Another intimate detail shared about their union was the death of their baby girl.

“Nuff people nuh know before mi have mi last son, mi did pregnant before dat and have a baby six months and two weeks. Baby born and dead, was a girl.”

Johnson is currently working on releasing new music from UTG (comprising sons Likkle Vybz and Likkle Addi) as well as Shaniel Muir. She is also currently shooting episodes for a reality series dubbed The Palmers. Years ago Kartel led the popular television series Teacha’s Pet which saw women from different countries vying for his love.