SHOWROOM FRESH: 2022 Toyota Hilux X ARB

This Showroom Fresh is a bit different, but aptly timed for the season.

You see, Buzz Caribbean reviewed the updated Hilux with its more powerful 2.8-litre turbodiesel engine back in September (see review here) but head down to Toyota Jamaica’s Old Hope Road showroom for a display that will leave automotive off-roader types wishing they were on Santa’s good list this year.

Toyota Jamaica decked out a 2022 Hilux with ARB parts, to show off the range of products available to the 4×4 community. Those out of the loop will be wondering what all the fuss is about, but just know the brand ARB is like catnip to those in the off-road community. Showing up with an ARB part to a popular recreational vehicle destination is like arriving with the Hope Diamond around one’s neck. The Australian company is famous for its quality high-end aftermarket 4×4 accessories.

“Toyota Jamaica Limited is the sole authorized dealer of ARB accessories in Jamaica. The acquisition of the ARB franchise commenced in 2019 and has been going strong since,” said Donovan Green, Parts and Accessory Manager — Toyota Jamaica.

Green explained that the vehicle build took five days with the display taking a single day to set up.

The list of accessories will leave even the lightest of off-road junkies drooling as the Hilux is covered from head to toe with ARB items completing that hard-core adventurous look every pickup driver wants. Parts can be divided into several main areas.


Summit COMBAR, RAW Rear Bumper, Side Rails, Side Steps and Under Vehicle Protection (UVP). These basically turn the Hilux into something straight out of Mad Max movie with meaty metal front and rear bumpers plus a protective bar that runs down the front fenders into the side steps. Underneath, the UVP plates keep delicate engine parts safe.


What man couldn’t do with a few more inches…, of ground clearance? ARB through its OME suspension brand gives the Hilux a medium lift with new Coil Springs in front, Leaf Springs in rear, and Dampers all around. This modification fills all the needs. Visually, the Hilux is more aggressive. Functionally, the lift allows the pickup to drive easily over obstacles, and has more traction because of longer suspension travel and the more aggressive Goodyear Wrangler tyres now able to fit under its wheel arches. Should the Hilux get stuck there are a pair of TRED Pro Recovery Boards.


It gets pretty dark on the off-road trail, so lighting is important and ARB has it covered with Intensity Solis 36 flood lights. They’re backed up by LED fog lamps in the bumper.


This is the pièce de résistance. Pull up, day or night, to one’s favourite camp site and fold out the durable awning — LED light included, from the roof rack to shelter from rain or shine. For those on the higher end of the economic scale, matching ARB chairs and table can be had.

A 3D Cargo Net, Storm-proof Cargo Bag, and a Safari ARMAX Snorkel complete the ARB display.

“We have everything you see here on the display Hilux along with other ARB accessories in stock,” said Green.

More importantly, these products aren’t just limited to the Hilux. ARB stocks 4×4 accessories for other popular pickup brands as well, explained Green.