Silent Ravers says he hasn’t been kicked out of dance crew

Dancer Taje ‘Silent Ravers’ Pinnock is making it known that he has not been ousted from Ding Dong’s Ravers Clavers crew.

Dancer Silent Ravers

The dancer broke his silence on Instagram Live yesterday after weeks of speculations following leaked interactions with Jamaican trans woman, Little Kev.

“Nobody never fire me from Ravers,” he said. “Ding never call me or seh nothing, me nav nothing against gay but nobody or no boy or no girl, nobody cya seh dem touch mi or me touch dem…and dat a pon my mother life.”

“Whosoever send dah person deh fi try f**k up my life, just know seh fi dem time a come.”

– Silent Ravers

The clip that has been circling the web sees him and Little Kev on a video call, with scenes of nudity. In his exposé, Likkle Kev, a sex worker based in South Korea, said it was Pinnock who reached out to him after seeing a video of him twerking. He alleged that Pinnock wanted cyber sex services, and he relayed his charge of US$1000. He claimed Pinnock agreed to the fee and that they had cyber sex, but did the dancer ghosted him afterwards without making the payment.

Pinnock addressed the non-payment allegation.

“Person a seh me did fi pay dem US$1000. People a two time my house burn down…so how me fi a give somebody weh me don’t know seh a $1000 fi me and dem do something, weh me don’t know? Where is those messages? Where is those proof seh me a go pay you?”

Ding Dong addressed the issue on an Instagram Live with dancehall producer Foota Hype.

He didn’t get into whether he knew of Likkle Kev’s sex, but believes someone is trying to sabotage him.

“At the end of the day everything done happen already, mi just mek a f**kery mistake inna my life and mi haffi just live wid it… Whosoever send dah person deh fi try f**k up my life, just know seh fi dem time a come.”

The ‘Ravers Clavers termination’ conversation started following Ding Dong’s appearance on selector Foota Hype’s Instagram Live a day ago. The selector was trying to confirm if Pinnock was still part of the group, but the deejay was adamant that he chooses social media responsibility over adding fuel to the fire (considering dancehall’s tumultuous history with the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community).

“Someone did something from di group which is rae, rae, rae and I chose to deal with it professionally because guess what?” he asked. “I’m not just a street personnel; I represent corporate so I have to have a business mind at everything I do. That’s why I can’t sing bout certain things, I can’t talk bout certain things…so mi cya deal with things how everybody waan mi deal with things.”

He added that he has no control of how anyone chooses to live his life.

“Mi try wid whole heap a youth and when mi try wid whole heap a youth dem haffi come round me first and deh round me and dah likkle youth deh never give we no form a indication or nothing at all like him stay no way none ah tall…and I don’t control weh a man do, personally.”

But Hype was persistent, wanting to know if the dancer had been ousted.

“Alright, him nuh inna di crew. So you a go stop talk bout it tomorrow?”

Hype responded “no”. It is unclear if Dong was just playing devil’s advocate to prove a point. Either way, as he stated, “Anytime yuh see him nowhere you can ask him…and mi nuh haffi answer that publicly because people go see it.”