Skilful! Lila Ike vows to master one-wheeled skateboard

It seems Jamaican singer Lila Ike has found something new to occupy her time while she is away from the stage due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Singer Lila Ike

Her new thing is skateboarding.

Yup! On Tuesday, the entertainer shared a video of her balancing on a one-wheeled skateboard under the guidance of a musician named EDGE.

Lila is seen skilfully, gliding along a road in Ocho Rios, St Ann, while on the skateboard as she eats a piece of melon. Except for a slight mishap, Lila seemed well on her way to mastering the electric skateboard.

“This take serious meditation… 3 months a dis day and night and me can do a hand stand pon it lol @edgeaholic,” she captioned the video.

And her teacher, EDGE, seems to have a lot of confidence in her. “You already have it lock like this In 24 hours so you will,” he commented on the video.

Although many people were impressed with her ability, they urged her to wear a helmet, as well as elbow and knee pads.

“Looking forward to the handstand video 👑😅ps. Be careful,” one person said.

Her printed Clarks also took some of the shine.

“You’re so pretty. It’s the Clarks for me,” one person said.

“Those print Clarkes boots ⬆️🔥. Congratulations on the moves pon one wheel board,” another added.