Skillibeng announces sing along competition

Dancehall artiste Skillibeng has indicated that fans who can do a sing along to his ‘Money Tree’ track can win $500K.

The Eastsyde strongman uploaded a snippet of the music video for the  Money Tree single, along with the caption, ‘Best sing along wins $500,000″.

It seems the St Thomas native is out to get fans to try and imitate his flow. 

While difficult for some, fans have already began to answer the call, saying that with some practice they believe they can match the artiste bar for bar in time for the deadline. 

 “Mek mi go practice ya, a when a e deadline,”  wrote one fan.

 “I listen to this song 100 times a day and all now mi cyaan recite the Skilli flow,” added another.

Despite interest in the contest, some are concerned about the lack of terms and conditions regarding the competition.