Skillibeng drops new single featuring Ghetto Michael Jackson

A screengrab from Skillibeng’s viral video for ‘Clean Everyday’. You go, Mykul! (Photo: YouTube)

It was teased days in advance so you knew something was brewing, but rising dancehall act Skillibeng has taken social media by storm after releasing a new single ‘Clean Everyday’ on Thursday night (July 9).

The braggart track, whose three-minute music video features many a cameo and performance from Jamaica’s self-proclaimed ‘Michael Jackson’, broke the internet as both Skillibeng and Michael became trending topics on Twitter.

By many accounts, Clean Everyday stands well on its own but paired with the confident antics of ‘Michael’, the music video served as an infinite source of jokes and memes.

The video starts with Michael, flanked by beautiful women, seemingly waking from an afternoon nap. He hops out of bed, dancing as he gets dressed and leaves the room to perform throughout a mansion as the women join him by the pool.

For many Jamaicans, the song and its star provided enough comedy and lyricism to fuel countless tweets as the platform exploded into conversation.

Others were genuinely happy the dancehall community had embraced Jamaica’s Michael Jackson and are collaborating with him in their projects, while the rest said the song did nothing for them.

Called Ghetto MJ, the 21-year-old, born Akeem Walker, became a viral overnight sensation as he soared in popularity for his impersonations of the American King of Pop in May.

Check out the video and tell us what you think, BUZZ fam!