Skillibeng drops ‘Trafalgar Road’

Following the movie-esque situation that transpired on a section of Trafalgar Road recently, dancehall artiste Skillibeng has added his bit to the social commentary surrounding the situation. 

In a track of the same name, the Eastsyde artiste seemingly provides his version of the events, further demonstrating his creativity, utilising his witty rhymes and flow, to engage listeners about the topical event. 

The event in question saw men square off with police officers, engaging in a shootout that had persons locked in a deadly traffic jam along the busy thoroughfare.

He follows on the heels of Wayne Marshall, Badda General and ZJ Liquid’s effort, ‘Current Events Ja’, which gave their take on the situation.

However, it seems that it is a growing trend by the ‘Crocodile Teeth’ artiste to react to situations that go viral. It was just months ago that he released a song entitled ‘Coke’, which was inspired by the plane crash in Clarendon.

He also shot a music video for the song, using the plane as background for the video.